After St. Jude Medical acquired Telectronics, Mr. Swift accepted a management role with Mitel Semiconductor in San Diego to manage its small design center.  He developed a strategic plan to change the direction of the Medical Products group to incorporate ultra low-power radio technology in a range of standard semiconductor products for medical devices.  The strategy unfolded with the development of the ultra low-power radio technology in the world’s first swallowable camera capsule, and culminated in a dominant market share of MICS-band radio chips and modules in implanted medical devices.  The R&D team also developed the world’s lowest power radio transceiver for a hearing aid application.  That radio chip has also been deployed in a variety of industrial applications where ultra low-power consumption is a key performance requirement, such as sensors operating from a small coin cell or in energy harvesting applications.  With ever increasing management and executive responsibility through various corporate name changes, reorganizations and acquisitions, Mr. Swift was most recently Senior Vice President & Business Unit Manager for the Medical Products BU of Microsemi Corporation.

Mr. Swift has a long record of bringing complex projects from concept to reality, within time and budget constraints.  He has extensive experience leading teams of highly skilled, highly motivated professionals from different engineering disciplines developing complex products in a highly competitive environment.  Mr. Swift has over thirty years experience designing ultra-low power, mixed signal (analog and digital) CMOS integrated circuits (ICs), hybrid modules and circuit boards, primarily for medical device applications.  He has extensive experience designing large systems comprising complex electronic, software and mechanical subsystems using a variety of operating systems and application software.  Mr. Swift has developed compelling strategic plans with supporting product and technology roadmaps.  He is highly versed in the development, deployment and maintenance of world-class quality management systems for highly regulated industries such as implantable medical devices.

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Stephen J. Swift

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Stephen J. Swift was educated in biomedical electronics at the University of New South Wales in Australia.  After a brief assignment developing consumer electronics products, he joined Telectronics in Australia developing integrated circuits for implanted cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators.  During a near 20-year career with Telectronics in roles with progressively increasing responsibility, Mr. Swift was assigned to build Telectronics’ R&D capability in the United States.  After successfully completing that assignment with the development of the first implanted pacemaker that was software controlled, Mr. Swift returned to Australia to develop a line of implanted high voltage defibrillators.

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